Monthly Archives: May 2018

New Release: Sync2

Continuing the development of our centralised solutions which control around 1000 schools on a daily basis, we have updated our Sync application from the ground up. Sync2 is a more efficient way of communicating and using a plug-in methodology, it gives us a more flexible and reliable connection to the schools. Sync2 will be rolled out to our central customers over the coming months.

New Release: Dashboard

The new development, Dashboard, which was demonstrated at the BETT 2018 exhibition in January has been released to both new and existing customers. Providing a solution to both control and report from the Trust-e Cashless System, Dashboard uses the latest browser based technologies to enable their customers instant and easy access to data. The option to view the data off-site also provides customers with a more flexible and convenient method of accessing the Trust-e Cashless System.

Renfrewshire Council: Cashless Award

Nationwide Retail Systems continue their expansion into Scottish education with a contract award from Renfrewshire Council working alongside ParentPay and Pebble. The contract is for the duration of four years with an option to extend for a further two years. This contract adds to the existing contracts in place to supply a centralised Cashless System to both East Ayrshire and North Ayrshire local authorities.