About NRS

About Nationwide Retail Systems Ltd

Nationwide Retail Systems was established in 1980. We take pride in the fact that we are a One Stop Solution company. Our experience and successful installations in Education, Hospitality and Retail places us amongst the very top companies in our industry. With a client base ranging from Councils to Caterers, multi national PLC companies to Universities, Secondary & Independent Schools to Primary Schools.

Our company philosophy is to provide high quality systems and service to our customers, which will enable them to maximise meals numbers, maximise income and maximise profits. This aim drives our company to continuously produce ever improving systems and software. Our One Stop Solution policy, which is relentlessly pursued, ensures that in the event of any of our customers requiring assistance, one phone call to our Help Desk is all that is required to produce a speedy response. We believe that this strategy is proving far more effective than the out-sourcing policies adopted by many other companies.

Nationwide are a One Stop Solutions provider with over 32 years experience in the Education, Hospitality & Retail sectors. Nationwide provide excellent in house written software and first class hardware which is maintained by well trained service engineers.