Nationwide Data Protection Policy

Data Protection Act 1998 –
Registration Number Z522773X
Security Number 10190844
Act 1998 – It affects you
The Data Protection Act 1998 became law on 1 March 2000.
In this document we will refer to the Data Protection Act as “the Act”.
The Act gives rules for the way organisations treat personal information about you. It
applies to written records on paper and information on computer.
When Nationwide Retail Systems needs personal information about its customers to
provide its services.
We only collect and use this information in ways the law allows. The Act means that
we must make sure we use the information we have correctly.
The information we have about you
Nationwide Retail Systems only collects and keeps information about you that we
need so we can give you our services.
The information we keep can include:
• forms you have completed and given to us;
• letters you have sent to us;
• details of any checks we make to make sure information we have is right
• computer records to do with your business and with the company.
The law says we can sometimes share information about you with other
organisations such as the Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs or local councils. This
can be because:
• the law says we have to
• a Court Order says it is necessary
• you have given your permission
How can you find out what information we have about you?
The Act allows you to find out what information is held about you on computer and
in some paper records. This is known as the “right of subject access”.
Asking us for information
If you want to see the information we have about you, please try to tell us exactly
what information you want to see. This will help us to provide you with a better
service. We will send you a copy of the information we have, if any, as soon as
possible and at the latest within 40 calendar days.
You must ask for the information in writing and give us information that allows us to
be sure of your identity and address.
For example, tell us your:
• Full name
• Address
• Date of birth
• Account number
If you have any other reference numbers we use, such as a Order or billing, or any
other information you think might help us to identify you, please also include this.
Confidentiality statement
Nationwide Retail Systems collects information for the purposes of, employment and
training, policy relating to occupational pension schemes or personal pension
schemes and promoting financial planning for retirement.
Any other information we collect about you depends on the reason for your business
with us, but we may use the information for any of these purposes.
We may check information about you with other information we have. We may get
information about you from other people and certain other organisations. We may
give information to certain other organisations, as the law allows, to:
• check the accuracy of information
• prevent or detect crime
• protect public funds in other ways, and
• use in research or statistics.
These third parties may include other government departments and their agencies,
in particular Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, local authorities, banks, building
societies, and other financial bodies, utility providers, educational bodies, academic
bodies, research providers, health service providers, law enforcement agencies,
training providers/job brokers.
Can I see all the information held about me?
Normally you can see all the information we have, but there are some exceptions.
These exceptions are mainly to do with:
• the way that crime is detected or prevented
• catching or prosecuting of offenders
• assessing or collecting taxes or duty
• details we keep to make sure our staff are safe.
In some cases your right to see certain health or medical information may be limited.
If this means we may have to delete or remove some parts of the information. We
will only delete or remove information if the law allows us to.
Where to send requests for information
If you know which office deals with the information you want, send your request to
the Data Protection Officer at the Head Office at
Nationwide Retail Systems Ltd
Whaley Road
Barugh Green
South Yorkshire
S75 1HT